DEVA INDUSTRIES has capacity to design and manufacture precision sheet metal press components for various requirements.

Blanking, Bending, Draw, Piercing, Drilling, Tapping and Riveting operations can be carried out at the works.

The capacities of machines have been carefully selected to meet the varied demands of the Industry.

DEVA INDUSTRIES is equipped with in-house designing and tool room facilities. The tool room man power has been trained at Government Tool Room, Bangalore, India., the pioneers in the field.

Given is below is extract from the various components we manufacture:

  • Inner rings, cases, cups (draw components) used in pressure and electrical gauges, speedometers for domestic and export market
  • Flanges of intricate designs for fuel tanks in automobiles for domestic and export market
  • Fuel tank caps in automobiles
  • Plate reinforcement, leg reinforcement, hinges for refrigeration and air conditioners
  • Base and diaphragms in automobile horns
  • Sheet metal components in relays, transformers and audio equipment.
  • Chain links for conveyors.
  • Sheet metal reinforcement in various automobile assemblies in 2/4 wheelers